Season Recap w/ Eric Mckay

Show Notes

First Episode of Michigan Wild for 2024 is with Eric Mckay. Eric Mckay joins Nate this week recapping his 2023 fall. Eric had a stellar fall, he was able to shoot a bull elk and harvest 4 whitetail bucks between Michigan and Illinois. Eric has chased whitetails in Michigan for almost 25 years and has headed west for 12 seasons, so this fall reflected years of hard work and determination. He has learned how to strike when the time is right and stay persistent throughout the fall. He discusses some of his insights he has learned over the years that has led to having better hunts and ultimately more success. He no longer just volume hunts and isn't afraid to be mobile and try new things every year. 

 Even with a stellar fall it came with its fair share of adversity which Eric didn't shy away from. Having a few arrow deflections and wounding deer was something Eric used as fuel to tweak a few things in his craft. Something that Nate also can relate to and along with Eric hopes encourages fellow hunters to keep working through the adversity. 

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