Should Pennsylvania Reintroduce the American Marten?

Show Notes

This week on the Pennsylvania Woodsman we are going back to the biology classroom.  We have a conversation with the state’s furbearer biologist: Thomas Keller.  Tom is a down to earth family man who enjoys hunting and trapping as much as the next guy in line.  When he reached out to us to share information about this potential reintroduction, skepticism was fairly high.  Is it really worth bringing another predator into this state?  Listen with an open mind and decide for yourself!

We discuss the road leading Tom into this position with the game commission and his passion for wildlife.  Next we dive into the background of the American Marten.  When was the Marten eradicated from Pennsylvania?  What are it’s feeding habits?  What is the preferred habitat?  Is the American Marten a threat to game populations such as turkeys and ruffed grouse?  What benefits does the American Marten have for the ecosystem?  Tom addresses all this and much more in our conversation.  The fear of the unknown is typically what breeds negativity, but after listening to Tom, you’ll have less to fear as a hunter and game species appreciator!

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Show Transcript