Whitetail Hunting B.S. Session w/ Jon Lewis

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman we are first joined by Nick Otto from the Huntavore podcast on Sportsmen's Empire.  Nick calls in to join us during the start of Michigan's firearm deer season, something Pennsylvania will be doing in just another week.  Nick's podcast focuses on the aftermath of a successful hunt and how to break down and properly process game for quality table fare.  Nick provides us with some excellent tips and tricks for managing your kill in the field, and back at deer camp.  He shares philosophy of hanging head up or down, to skin or not to skin, moisture and temperature management, and more.

Following our intro with Nick, we chat with Jon Lewis from the Just Hunt Club.  Jon is originally from Pennsylvania and is no stranger to understanding whitetail hunting heritage in the Keystone State.  He also has done his fair share of whitetail hunting in the northeast including Pennsylvania, New York, and New Hampshire.  We chat about his hunting strategies across the country and how they may or may not relate to the northeast.  We also discuss his experiences hunting whitetails via tracking in the snow, and recap his successful New Hampshire monarch he harvested last season.  Tons of information in this week's episode, thanks for listening and good luck during the upcoming firearm season! 

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