Small Game, Big Bounty with Jonah Curtis

Show Notes

On this episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined by Jonah Curtis, an impressive gardener and small game aficionado.  They unpack a whole range of topics on a number of rabbit trails that eventually lead into squirrels, rabbits.  Discussions revolve around a mild taste and flavor,  How a few bag limits add up fast, simple easy preparations are sometimes the best, and Nick has the opportunity to try something completely new, raccoon.  Jonah gives some advice with cooking a ring tailed bandit.  Plenty of delicious tid bits on this episode of Huntavore.

Small game hunting is an absolute must this time of year.  Now that the rush and intensity of deer season is over, a walk in the woods with friends or family is a breath of fresh air.  And besides, it's time to get payback on those bushytails for acting like that huge buck behind you. Jonah lays out a couple of his favorite ways to use squirrel, fried and shredded.  He equates it bluegill with the pan fried, there are a hundred recipes, but fried squirrel done right is tops.  The second is braised and shredded.  The mild flavor makes it a great companion to dumplings and pot pies.  Rabbit is similar and boasts a larger bounty.  While Jonah farm raised his, a couple bag limits of rabbits would fill the freezer pretty quick.  Great way to diversify the freezer.  Nick had the opportunity to bag a large raccoon boar.  This has been on his list to take and try and that day has come.  The meat looks rich, and is covered in loads of fat.  Trimming the fat and glands helps in any off flavors, but Jonah gives a few tips when preparing your raccoon for a tasty treat.

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