Wild Game Cooking Lesson with the Huntavore

Show Notes

With gun season over in Oklahoma and most states across the country, hopefully that means freezers are getting full. Now that you have all that beautiful red meat, it's time to think about what to do with it. This week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast, John is joined by Sportsmens Empire brother Nick Otto, aka the Huntavore, to talk about all things venison and cooking. This is an episode you are going to want to take notes on!

Nick is an adult onset hunter, meaning he started hunting a little later in his life. While a lot of people learn to hunt first and then cook, Nick is quite the opposite. Nick got into hunting because of the food it provides, so it just makes sense that he cares so much about the great quality wild game can have if you take care of it. Nick and John discuss some basic venison prep, and Nick shares a few recipes you probably won't find in your grandma's old cook book.

Show Transcript