Spring Stories with Real life Listeners

Show Notes

This week on the Ohio Outdoors Podcast, Downed turkeys, fish in the cooler, and then Paul and Andrew’s stories of their hunts too!  

This week the guys discuss their most recent trips to the woods.  Paul had the ability to get down to Kentucky to hunt with Derek from GoWild.  Lots of action, a missed shot, and more from down south.  Andrew took his spring trip to the woods and spent 3 days at Kill Deer Plains in north central Ohio.  Lots of learning in the woods but no birds in the freezer.

Now, for the real outdoorsmen, the guys talk to Gage (13) and his first bird!  After an entertaining turkey trot/tackle session, Gage turns it around to get that Tom.  Great story of the next generation getting out into the woods by a wonderful mentor in his father, Brian.

Finally, Nick gives us a run-down of his fishing season.  Talking bass fishing and being on a real tour with what it takes to fish for more than just leisure.

This week is about the listeners!  Thank you all and good luck in the outdoors!

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