Summertime Chores, Drought, Social Deer, and Food Plots

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Perry Battin (Drury Outdoors) discuss summer activities on Drury farm. Jon identifies methods of dealing with drought and some smart techniques that will help improve your food plots. Perry explains how he is supporting their food plots to ensure that those big bucks have a food source through the summer and into the late season. Perry explains row crop farming for deer and improvements he is working on this summer on the farms he manages.

Perry explains how to set up deer fencing, that includes layout, spacing, model and type of unit that is used to reduce deer pressure on food plots. Perry details what box blind setups look like and key equipment for making your property more mobile. Perry discusses new layout features based on hunting data and how they use prior hunting intel to rearrange the farms for better success.  Perry details considerations that may impact the success of a farm and how he reacts when things are not optimal.

Jon and Perry discuss having a team mentality and how multiple ideas will get you ahead and help get your property in order. Perry discusses maximizing and benefiting from working hard during the summer to get prepared for hunting season.  Perry discusses retention of mature bucks on the Drury farm and what they do to help retain more deer.  Jon gives the listeners easy summertime habitat chores that will get you better prepared for hunting season. Perry and Jon discuss social aspects of deer behavior and how that can lead to better hunting success.

Jon and Perry discuss the difference between Midwestern and Eastern states and how there are obvious cultural differences that lead to different successes.  Jon and Perry discuss the challenges of the Northeast and things to come in the future.

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