Big Bucks on the Drury Farms

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Perry Battin (Drury Outdoors) discuss a recent harvest and how the layout of the property led to success. Perry explains how he broke down an unknown big buck that was a recent addition to one of the Drury Farms. Perry discusses hunting small farms and how to build bullet proof access, even passing through food plots and how the strategy created the perfect opportunity for an early season kill.

Perry breaks down the property that allowed him to kill his target buck. Perry explains the food plot layout, and seed type and how that attracted deer into key areas to make the blind location ideal for an early season kill. Perry details bedding areas and how the cover adjacent to the food plot created ideal conditions. Perry explains waterholes, and where they are laid out. Perry and Jon discuss food plots and scrape trees and how they support deer movement toward hunting locations. Perry details how they take photos of the deer they are after and where trail cameras are located in and around specific areas.

Perry and Jon provide numerous trips and tricks to get deer closer to hunting locations. Perry details Wade Robinson big buck kill and notes Mark Drury’s large buck harvest.

Show Transcript