Chasing Mountain Lions and Bears With Hounds

Show Notes

On this episode of The Western Rookie Dan talks with Utah houndsman Dustin Clark about his love for hunting with his dogs. Dan and Dustin recap their first 3 days chasing lions in the mountains of Utah and what they are hoping for on their 4th and final day.

Dustin got his first hound 14 years ago after a coworker introduced him to the sport. He now has a team of 10 dogs and chases cats and bears every chance he can. Dustin and his wife started a houndsman themed apparel line called Cold Strike Gear and live and breathe this sport 24/7. Dustin spends his summers chasing bears with his family, his falls guiding elk hunts and his winters tacking lions within an hour of his home. Dan and Dustin talk about everything a first time mountain lion or bear hunter needs to know and expect when chasing these large predators through the mountains.

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