Target Shooting, New Archers, and New Careers with Nate Sellers

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Mitch is joined by PA's very own Average Jack Archery - Nate Sellers.  A lot has transpired since Nate's last appearance on the show.  Nate has transitioned into the outdoor industry full time between his pro shop and also working for Huntworth gear.  We discuss this new journey and what his next goals are; one of which is being more competitive in target archery.

We discuss the growth and lack thereof in the sport of archery.  There was a time many local clubs had high levels of competitive archers.  Today many are barely holding on; what happened?  Those people who have stuck around have found themselves with the greatest archery technology to ever exist.  This has shortened the gap to proficiency and increased the level of competition that's still present.  We discuss what separates a good shooter from a great shooter.  Last, we discuss involving new shooters and getting folks started on a good note with a bow in hand.  This is an all around dynamite archery episode - get your bow and shoot in this nice weather!

Show Transcript