The Craziest Deer Hunt of My Life

Show Notes

We have a doozie this week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast. John did a little deer hunting over the weekend, and had one of the best and worst encounters of his entire deer hunting career. If you have listened to the podcast much, you might have heard him talk about the 2% buck. A big main frame 10 point ghost he has been after ever since he first laid eyes on the buck in 2018. He refers to the buck as the "2% buck" because every year he gives himself only a 2% chance of killing him. This year, the 7 year old buck shrunk from his previous typical 10 point frame to a 9 point, but still holds as much majestic wonder as ever. For the first time since 2018, John laid eyes on the buck this weekend. Not only did he see the deer, but he had a legit chance to harvest the buck! The events that unfolded next must be heard to be believed, and even then it sounds like a stretch.

That's not the only crazy encounter John had over the weekend though. What seemed like a chip shot on another mature buck turned into a nightmare. John had a buck that had been visiting a feed site for several nights in a row, and finally had the right conditions to go in for the kill. Yet again however, some crazy circumstances led to that deer living another day, and John still holding a tag in his hand with the season quickly winding down.

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