The Famous Towles Family Boat

Show Notes

Today’s show opens up with Derek telling an interesting story about his grandfather’s bass tracker boat. After his grandfather’s passing his uncle ended up with his boat in Maryland. Fast forward a few years later and a movie studio was looking for this exact type of boat for their movie! You won’t believe what movie it is, make sure to listen to this episode Sponsored by to hear what movie the boat ended up in!

Up next Brayden dives into his recent weekend hunting. Thinking his season was over the weekend before he ended up being free for one more go at it. Armed with a crossbow in hand, which he definitely checked to make sure it’s set this time after his previous trip with the bow. He set out and found a nice tree to sit by for his hunt. He apparently was in squirrel city, every direction he looked it was squirrel, squirrel, squirrel! Brayden waited for a while and eventually had a couple deer swing through by him. Tune in to hear what happened while he was on this hunt. 

Closing out Derek talks about his hunt in Ohio for ducks. They drove up to hunt some public land timber, but an unfortunate timing of a massive cold front made these hunting plans difficult. A quick pivot had to happen so they headed to some private dry hunting to chase after some geese. They had decent numbers in the area but ended up just having to run traffic.

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