The Hunting Industry Isn't Doing Enough

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You're probably on at least one form of social media. Instagram, Facebook, and now Tic Tok receive our attention at least one time of day. Whether you're waiting on a flight to take off, taking a dump, or ignoring your kids, many of us take to scrolling to see what's going on in the world. As hunters and outdoorsmen we often follow some of favorite content providers, influencers, TV Shows, and hunting brands to check out their latest hunting trips, new shows, or new products they're launching. But, have you ever noticed what they're not posting? I'll follow that up with a another question.

How often do you see any content about conservation efforts or who to contact about anti-hunting legislation? From my experience, very minimal. In today's world just buying your tags isn't enough anymore. We ALL need to advocate for hunting and the outdoors, especially those with the biggest platforms and have the most "skin in the game". In my opinion this is should be mandatory. There are a lot of people out there working hard, I mean really hard, to protect the natural resource and the right we have to hunt them. Helping spread that message, could go a really long way.

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