The Memories w/ James Fortner

Show Notes

This week on The Average Conservationist Podcast, Marcus sits down with the owner of 2% Certified brand Dangles Gear, James "Fort" Fortner. The guys start their conversation by going back to the beginning, of where it all started for James. Growing up in an outdoor family, being outside and in nature was all James ever knew. Whether shooting archery as a kid, hiking in to fish high country lakes or chasing big game, James and his family cherish the outdoors. In order to do his part to help preserve our wild places, James started Dangles Gear to help fund those who make it their life's mission to give back. Dangles Gear sunglass leashes use 100% recycled materials on all of their products to help further their conservation mission. Head over to and use code AVERAGE50 (all caps) at checkout and save 50% off your order.

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