The Next Generation of Hunter

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nomadic Outdoorsman Dan talks with Jon Peters and his daughter Gracie about getting future generations involved in outdoor activities. Gracie is a nine year old spitfire of an “outdoorsgirl”. She loves naming both her weapons and the animals that she pursues. Gracie decided a year ago that she wanted to hunt. Although her parents never thought it would last, it has quickly become her number one passion. Gracie has been covering her wall with mounts, her shelves with hog skulls and sharing stories from the field with her friends ever since. She is now a year older, has built two rifles, harvested two deer and a hog. She has been on several well known hunting media platforms and has big plans for the future. Grace hopes to connect with a buck this year, and is looking forward to starting archery. If you are interested in what hunting can mean to future generations, this episode is for you!

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