The Twins

Show Notes

Brandon and Tyler Travis joined Michigan Wild this week. They are the first set of twins to join the podcast and they didn't disappoint. Brandon is a returning guest and along with his brother they both help edit episodes for Vital Shot Productions. Vital Shot is a TV show that is on local TV here in Michigan along with the Pursuit Channel. New episodes start airing the first weekend in July. 

The guys start the episode with the backstory of Vital Shot and their roles with the company. However it doesn't take long for the conversation to steer towards all things whitetails. All the guys have experienced a change in the quality of deer hunting in Michigan over the past few years and which has them excited for the next 10 years. The topic of targeting enough does and even changing into a one buck state were covered.

Overall a great conversation with like minded hunters who love pursuing whitetails with their bows. A fun time getting to know the Travis brothers more and look forward to having them on more in the future. 

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