The Winning Team Pays $500k

Show Notes

The Houndsman XP Podcast and Sportsmen’s Alliance is recruiting you to the winning team and giving you a chance to win $500,000 in cash and prizes. Brian Dowler with the Sportsmen’s Alliance joins Chris to discuss this exciting offer and how you can be a part of a team that is dedicated to not just fighting the animal extremists but fighting with a WINNING STRATEGY.

Brian breaks down his recent black bear hunt in Maine with some hard going Houndsmen. Chris and Brian discuss the recent attack on hunting in New Jersey and the new found favorite strategy of the animal extremists; legislating from the bench. Brian breaks down the HUGE Sportsmen’s Alliance Raffle that will put money in war chest and puts cold hard CASH and prizes in your pocket. Check out the link below.

Sportsmen’s Alliance Raffle:

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