This Hunt Stinks!

Show Notes

Today’s show opens up with Brad going over his recent weekend hunting. It’s been quite slow with only one older mature buck on camera, and hardly any deer moving during daylight hours! He decided to give a hunt a go anyway but unfortunately it was very slow, besides the fact that a whole bus load of squirrels decided to play tag around his stand. His biggest problem is that he has absolutely no cover at all in the tree he’s in, which has made his spot very difficult to hunt. He decided to bounce his stand around to a different spot to hopefully score a little meat before the end of season. Make sure to listen in to this episode Sponsored by to hear all about his new approach to hunting this area.

Closing out we discuss smells in the deer woods. From your own scent drag, to sitting up right on top of a scrape on accident we talk everything deer pee. Dan has a hilarious story about smelling deer on a recent hunt, well what he thought was deer. You’ll never guess what he was actually smelling instead. Along this topic Jacob and Brad talk about going to tour the Tink’s factory where all their products are made, and let me tell you that trip absolutely stunk! Tune in to hear all about the fun times they had touring the Tink’s facility.

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