Time Management, Season Goals and Expectations

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman we are kicking things off in a different style.  While we are cruising through summer, we still have a ways off before the fall.  Work, honey-do list, and summer time activities are still the bulk focus of our time.  Therefore, if success in fall is to happen, it needs to be done by maximizing the little time we have to prepare and staying focused.  Mitch and the guest will set a timer for 30 minutes and dive into a topic.  When the timer runs out, it's back to the real world.  Take the same logic with your summer preparation and be deliberate!

This week's guest is Dan Johnson, host of the Nine Finger Chronicles and leader of Sportsmen's Empire Podcast Network.  Just because Dan works "in the industry," does not mean he is blessed with unlimited time to prepare each fall and kill tons of game.  He has a family and a business that requires his undivided attention all year.  Therefore, in order to stay sane in the hunting world, he has to be specific when setting goals and expectations.  This means being realistic and achievable, and yet also finding satisfaction.  Around this framework, we will discuss specifics of preparation for hunting at home and out-of-state trips with what little free time he has available.

Show Transcript