Top 10 New Products From The 2022 Archery Trade Show

Show Notes

Big week for the guys. Took a quick run down to Louisville to attend the Archery Trade Association trade show. The event took place over the entire weekend, with a boat load of retailers, manufactures, and industry personalities. We did our best to set up some good interviews for 2022 to bring you more of the content you love. Our discussion today is with Cameron Stover of Cameron is a GEAR EXPERT. His company works to bring you the best deals on the internet in the gear world, as well as nonpartisan reviews on products. While Andrew and Paul were focusing on the sparkly things on the tradeshow floor, Cameron was actually diving into the newly released products. He gives us his top 10 list of products that were noteworthy from this years show. O2Podcast on GoWild @the.o2.podcast -Instagram @Ohiohunt- Twitter Ohio Outdoors is Powered by Simplecast

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