Top Three Hunting Property Flaws and Fixes

Show Notes

In this podcast Rocky Burrus from SA Farms Management Service, based in Tennessee, discusses his top three hunting property flaws that he sees on client properties. Rocky discusses the box blinds he is using on client properties and why they are essential to success. Rocky dives into his process and how he evaluates access, cover and food on the landscape. Jon Teater, WhitetailLandscapes, discusses some of his concepts that support Rocky’s recommendations. Rocky gets deep into design ideas that will help you improve your hunting property.

Rocky lays out specifics on how to fix each of these flaws and provides specific examples that can support better layout for hunting on your property. Rocky provides details and tactics of how he manipulates the landscape, so deer use food plots and are undisturbed by human presence. Rocky’s design concepts create more daylight usage in food plots creating more success for him and his clients.  Rocky ends with an access concept that will help anyone that has tough hunting scenarios triumph.

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