Trad Bows & Underused Turkey Cuts with Emrah Oruc

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On this Episode of Huntavore, Nick spontaneously calls up Emrah O of Bowhunting Soul Podcast to chat about trad bows, chasing turkeys, and how to get as much usage out of your harvested bird. Nick has strung up his long bow after a good long while and wanted to get some tuning tips. Trying to not blow our brains with information, Emrah gives some places to start, like brace height, and getting a correct spined arrow. Nick wanted to move into turkey dishes that utilizes underused cuts of the bird, and how plucking your whole bird can help. Emrah adds even more ideas outside of just meat, but using parts in your equipment to chase the next bird. If you want to get the most of your turkey this year, than tune into this episode of Huntavore

Emrah Oruc is the host and creator of Bowhunting Soul. A podcast and youtube channel dedicated to the soul of archery, using traditional equipment. So starting out this episode, Nick quickly jumps into talking about traditional archery. Running an archery unit for his 3rd and 4th graders using compound bows, kids have had their first bite of the archery bug, slinging some arrows. As a bit of a show and tell, Nick strung up his long bow and sent a few shots down range. Emrah reminds everyone that with traditional equipment, as you get more basic, you begin inputting more and more of the archer behind the bow. Not to say that its all trial and error, but my zero’d in setup could be way off for Emrah.  

Nick transitioned into talking turkey. With Wild Turkey seasons opening up soon, hunters are eagerly awaiting the next species to chase. Emrah explains his reasoning for going mobile and using a ghillie suit instead of a popup blind. Going light and fast does increase your chances of getting spotted. Emrah explains that he has gone 0/3 on birds, but with each attempt he got closer and closer to putting the pieces together. Nick is making a bold prediction that Emrah connects on a bird this year.

Now onto using your harvested bird. Emrah talks about actually making fletchings for arrows from the flight feathers, and creating a bone call for your slate from the wing bones. Even if you don't have a plan yet for your bird, Nick does talk about upping your ROI by plucking your bird instead of skinning. The skin can better protect the flesh in the freezer, and what little fat the bird has is under the skin, a natural flavor and moisture improvement. Braising and stewing wings and salvaged necks create amazing stock. Nick took the opportunity to make french onion soup from wings and necks. Overall easily done without much effort. For the drums and thighs, Nick also used his sous vide wand in great application. Adding ⅛ cup of oil or butter, some herbs, salt and pepper and a thigh to a bag and letting it cook at 155F for 36 hours (yes, 36 hours) delivers an amazing tender meat, with all the beautiful turkey flavor, without the dryness folks experience. A quick broil in the oven to brown the skin and serve either whole or shredded. That's another way to capture the beautiful dark meat from your bird.


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