Trophy Doe w/ Rob Wrona

Show Notes

Rob Wrona joins Nate on Michigan Wild this week to recap his fall. Rob has been chasing deer on public land for a handful of years and has developed a passion for the challenge. This fall he had a successful doe hunt. To Nate it was a Trophy Doe hunt because of the memory Rob was able to share with his son along with the epic recovery.  Rob and Nate both talk about the importance of doe harvest and how they have seen the fruit of a healthy deer herd with a balanced buck to doe ratio.

Rob has immersed himself in the outdoors, making it a lifestyle for him and his family over the years. He has enjoyed getting his kids involved and always making time for them. Nate and Rob also talk about the successful hunts Rob's 12 year old son Shane has had the last 2 falls. They both agree seeing their kids enjoy the outdoors is special and are thankful for the life they live.

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