United States Marshals Museum

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On today’s show with GunBroker.com, we’re in Fort Smith, Arkansas at the United States Marshall Museum. We’re joined by Dave, the curator of the US Marshal Museum today to give us a complete rundown of the museum and the history of the US Marshal Agency. We dive in with Dave giving us a rundown of the history of the US Marshals and the connection with Fort Smith, Arkansas. Allen asks a fantastic question, “What exactly do the United States Marshals do?”, Dave then gives us a rundown on what the US Marshals currently do and what their job was throughout history. Make sure to listen in to this episode Sponsored by GunBroker.com to hear all about the history of the United States Marshals.

Next up we dive into the history of Bass Reeves and the revolver in the US Marshal Museum that belonged to him! Dave tells us about how exactly the museum came into possession of this firearm, as well as a brief history of Bass Reeves and just how hard it has been to verify if a firearm does indeed belong to Bass Reeves or not. Bass Reeves' background is extremely hard to track as far as what’s true and what’s not true of his origin story but Dave and the museum have tried their best to nail down as much history as they can. Dave gives us a fantastic in depth background on the history of Reeves, from being a former enslaved person in the United States all the way up to his time as a US Marshal.

Closing out we show a few cool examples of firearms in the US Marshal Museum. We go over Chuck Goggin’s firearm, and his history of being a decorated war hero, a major league baseball player, and a US Marshal for the Middle District of TN. Dave shows off Chuck’s Marshal firearm and baseball glove from when he played major league ball. Allen gives us a rundown on some excellent examples of US Marshal related items that you can find for yourself over at GunBroker.com.

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