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On today’s show with GunBroker.com, we’re in Fort Smith, Arkansas, at the Walther headquarters talking about new and upcoming products to look forward to from Walther Firearms. We start out talking about the Walther PDP, the PDP was built as a performance duty pistol. Walther set out to fix every complaint possible from user feedback on the PPQ to make the PDP a robust duty and competitive firearm. Cody from Walther talks about their approach to launching the PDP, instead of a slow rollout Walther launched five different models of the PDP at one time with multiple build options for each. This resulted in the PDP being the most successful launch for Walther. Tune in to this episode sponsored by GunBroker.com to hear all about the Walther PDP.

Next up, we dive into the PDP F-Series. The PDP F-Series was aimed directly at the female customer and law enforcement agents. Engineered completely for women, Walther changed quite a few things to make the ergonomics better for the female shooter. Reduced trigger reach, reduced slide force, and reduced grip circumference really made the F-Series a perfect option for the female shooter. Walther struck gold with the F-Series with the 3.5” version being one of their top sellers this past year. Listen in to hear all about the process of how the PDP F-Series came to be!

Closing out, we talk about the powerhouse of manufacturing Walther headquarters here is in the U.S. While the German heritage is still extremely important to Walther, they realize how important it is to have manufacturing here in the states to allow for products to reach consumers in a timelier manner. Dan speaks high praise of the manufacturing process that he watched while touring the Walther facility. Allen chimed in about how he was surprised to see the finishing being done in- house, which really gives Walther start-to-finish, complete oversight of the quality control that goes out the door to consumers. Allen closes it out with a rundown of some of the Walther firearms that he’s seen lately on GunBroker.com!

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