Using Trail Camera Data to Design Your Property

Show Notes

In this podcast Rocky Burrus from SA Farms Management Service, based in Tennessee, discusses how he evaluates trail camera data to support his continued success each season. Rocky works with clients throughout the southern United States helping them design and implement his property management plans.

Rocky runs trail cameras across his personal properties and those that he hunts. Rocky meticulously analyzes the deer he pursues. Documenting some basic information such as wind preferences, temperature, weather fronts, and most importantly keying in on daylight movement and connecting that information to understanding how deer are using his properties and those he designs.

The most important topic Rocky explains is how to take trail camera data and turn that information into actionable intel to hunt deer. Rocky discusses this topic in detail and most frequently sticks with times the property his “hot” and keys in on weather and frequency of use, many times, this is during the rut. Also, keying in on observations from afar can help confirm deer movement. Rocky expounds on annual patterns and Jon describes some key differences on the properties he designs and hunts in New York. Rocky has used trail camera data to enhance his farms and gain cyclical intel on the deer he goes after each year. Rocky explains the importance of fawn drop each year and his record keeping.

Rocky also builds his own box blinds that provide a great opportunity to hunt many different winds, and in some cases he’s able to “cheat” the wind. Most importantly, design hunting locations can be ruined if accessed or hunted with incorrect winds; this may throw off any annual or routine pattern of movement experienced on a property.

How many trail cameras does Rocky run on his property? The answer might surprise you… and more to come on a company Rocky believes is one of the best in the industry.

Show Transcript