Winter Deer Hunting Counseling Session

Show Notes

As we close the '23 deer season everything is still fresh in our minds.  It's difficult not to begin planning our trips and goals for the 2024 season right now!  Regardless of whether we accomplished our goals or have room for improvement until next year, thorough planning prepares the way for success.  This week on the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Mitch chats with good friend Andrew Muntz from the O2 podcast.  The boys reflect on their 2023 deer season, including Muntz's Drummond Island buck and his trip over to PA deer camp with Mitch (spoiler alert- he missed a buck!).

The conversation goes from 2023 reflection into 2024 planning - and becomes more of a counseling session for Mitch than a series of detailed strategies.  The guys discuss their attempts to resolve personal conflicts such as: enjoying peaceful time in the field, not allowing inches of antler to gauge a season, valuing time with friends and family, prioritizing family and responsibility over deer hunting, and much more.  Mitch is battling the path to take for his next hunting goal - how can you be successful with limited time?  It might not be the sexiest deer hunting conversation, but it sure is as real as it gets and comes from the heart.  

Show Transcript