Big Buck Harvest, Trail Cameras, and Hunting Strategy

Show Notes

In this podcast Rocky Burrus (SA Farms Management Service), Perry Battin (Drury Outdoors) and Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes), discuss big bucks, trail cameras and hunting strategy. Rocky details his big buck killed in August in Tennessee. Rocky breaks down the layout and how he puts the hunt together on the mature deer. Perry explains food plot concerns and the related drought, and how he and the team are combatting that on an acre by acre basis. Jon provides some examples of how his clients handle drought. Perry discusses the hunting strategy that the Drury team employs when killing does and how they plan on concentrating big bucks around their food plots.

Rocky explains why he uses wise-eye trail cameras and why and the data collections software that comes with his cameras is so great. Rocky and Perry explain the number of cameras they are using on the properties they hunt and manage. Perry explains why he uses Reconyx trail cameras and what he has noticed over the years from the high-end trail camera company.  Perry discusses data collection and how the work of analyzing the pictures is broken up amongst the team members.   Perry, Rocky and Jon discuss the hunting strategy they consider, age class and caliber of deer they go after annually. Jon details his near-term plans and what he anticipates for his hunting season. Rocky and Perry discuss drought and water sources and where to put these on the landscape to attract deer.

Show Transcript