How to Harvest a Big Buck Early Season

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Mark Haslam (Southeast Whitetail) discuss how to harvest a big buck early season. Mark’s expertise and management strategy to improve loblolly or longleaf pine stands and approach to hunting big bucks has proven that early season hunting success can be achieved. Mark explains his early season tactics, and what areas he focuses on as it pertains to mature deer. Mark details layouts, topography and related vegetation, and food sources that are key to planning where to hunt. Mark explains why he prefers morning hunts early season and what folks are missing out on if they aren’t hunting early. Mark and Jon discuss the primary factors that go into a morning hunt and how overlooked these may be by most hunters, especially in the southern United States.

Mark explains the process he goes through to evaluate deer, and the related movement. Mark discusses trail camera information and its importance. Jon discusses zones of interest as it pertains to breaking down deer movement.

Mark breaks down his hunt to kill a mature buck, and considers factors such as rain, natural movement, food plot layout, thermal cover. Mark details the forest layout and how he fragments pine forest to create food and bedding thickets. Mark explains how to slow down deer on your property and how this leads to success. Mark explains agriculture food sources, food plots, and relative distances of hunting locations near these areas. Jon and Mark discuss natural food strategies, and the benefit on the landscape to the deer herd.

Mark brainstorms about concepts related to measuring and evaluating antlers. Jon and Mark explain why the current method of scoring antlers is deficient. Mark and Jon end with explaining doe harvest and the importance on the landscape.

Show Transcript