Big Kentucky Bucks & A Robot Sasquatch

Show Notes

GoWild has been a huge supporter of the Southern Ground Hunting Podcast, and this week week get to talk to one of the men behind the platform. Brad Lutrell is probably one of our favorite dudes around. Not only is a great businessman and marketing guru, he's also a great deer hunter. This week, Brad shares the story of his big 2022 Kentucky buck. Low acorn crop forced him to hunt his property different than in years past, and finding the right mobile saddle hunting setup made it possible. We say it a lot, but it doesn't matter if you're hunting public land or private land, going mobile is the way to go!

GoWild is a free social community, designed to bring hunters and anglers together. Brad shares some of the new updates and future updates with us, including a robot sasquatch that just might take over the world one day. 

Show Transcript