Bowfishing for Dinner?!

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman Mitch and Robby chat with Donovan Remp and Austin Schlenker. These guys are completely ate up with bowfishing, and we have a fantastic B.S. session all about shooting fish. If you've never tried bowfishing, these guys will peak your interest. Not only is it extremely stimulating, as the title states, some of the species they are targeting make for incredible table fare! We start off with the boy's introduction to bowfishing, their evolution of gear accumulation, thoughts and recommendations on how to get started, and of course we lead into strategy and fun stories. The guys go anywhere from walking creeks for carp to running the Potomac River for Snakehead - or as we now reference it, poor man's Walleye! What better way to lead into archery season than shooting your bow?

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