Capitalizing on Opening Day In Special Regulation Archery Zones

Show Notes

September is here, which means deer season has arrived!  That includes the special regulations season in Pennsylvania including units 5C, 5D, and 2B.  It's a fantastic opportunity to get in the deer woods slightly before the rest of the state.  On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, we chatted with someone who has found repeated success on opening day during this early season.  

Our guest Adam Pastrnak discusses his continued stewardship of the whitetail woods.  More of a self taught bow hunter, he is constantly consuming as much information as possible to help formulate a game plan during fall.  Through the school of hard knocks and trial and error, Adam has managed to come up with a system where he can connect on deer in the morning during early season.  We indulge into his learning curve and how he has evolved from stomping through brush to a more methodical approach in the whitetail woods.  It's a bow hunting conversation for anyone who is ready for opening day, wherever that may be!

Show Transcript