Design Your Hunting Property for the Rut

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes), discusses what is occurring this time of year with his business. Jon explains his personal hunting situation, and examples of how he is going after target deer. Jon explains how he is breaking down individual deer and what he is considering at the time he goes after them.

Jon discusses hunting private and public land. Also, unmanaged ground is the least preferred by his clients and how they can be optimized to save time afield. Jon explains how managed properties can not only pull in the best deer in the neighborhood but how you can control movement making the hunt more efficient.

Jon explains his ideal setups for pre-rut and rut periods and how he plans out each hunt. Jon explains what he pays attention to during the rut and what trail camera data can tell you. Jon recommends that landowners or leases take the time to understand their goals and sit and think about improvements that can be made to improve your hunting property. Last, Jon explains how to create a better rut property with his simple to use tactics.

Show Transcript