Early Season Hunting Tactics, Setups, and Strategy

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Steve Sherk (Sherk’s Guide Service) discuss hunting plans and setups for early season. Steve dives into his process and plans for the next several weeks before clients arrive. Jon explains his plans and when he anticipates having a shot at one of his target deer.  Jon explains fawn recruitment on his own property and how the habitat is expected to benefit his fall hunting.

Steve discusses the data he has collected over the past five years and what key weather factors he believes primarily impacts deer movement. Jon and Steve both discuss the number one external factor that impacts overall movement. Steve discusses how cold weather impacts deer at different times of the year, and how some weather fronts may reduce movement in the areas he hunts. Jon discusses what he has observed on private lands and what he believes negatively impacts deer movement.

Steve discusses the details of his early season plans, more specifically where he hunts and the habitat he prefers. Steve doesn’t have the traditional bed to feeding patterns, which creates a different strategy he believes advantages him in the big woods. Steve discusses the locations he believes provide the best hunting and bedding. Steve explains early vs late season bedding. Jon and Steve discuss the value of high-quality food and how this pertains to deer interest.

Steve explains more about his hit list deer and how he plans on targeting them. Steve details his mobile setup preferences vs fixed treestands. Steve explains how close he gets to bedding areas and why his tactics have changed over the past few years. Steve ends with detailing the significance of the sign he pays attention to and how that relates to deer movement and interest.

Show Transcript