Water, Waterholes, Drought and Better Deer Hunting

Show Notes

In this podcast Todd Shippee (Empire Land Management) and Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) discuss the significance of water, waterholes, drought and how to establish better tactics around deer hunting. Todd dives into the world of waterholes and Jon details the habitat side of water. Todd explains how to handle drought in your area and strategies surrounding food plots. Jon and Todd discuss the benefits of water and property layout, as well as nutritional demands of deer. Jon and Todd discuss the negatives of not buying property with water.

Jon discusses the volume of water required to support food plots and Todd provides examples of how he supplements crops that lack water because of weather. Jon and Todd compare vegetation and water resources and what becomes a priority to deer, especially during hunting season. Todd details where he considers putting ponds and waterholes on his client’s properties. Todd explains other reasons deer are drawn to water sources.

Todd suggests a certain type of waterhole that creates instantaneous and higher usage by deer. Todd discusses how to install a waterhole. Jon details locations he prefers to locate waterholes and why in the Eastern United States waterholes are not as big of a trend as in the Midwest or Western part of the country.  Todd explains how to maintain waterholes and tricks he uses that are simple. Todd discusses adding supplements to waterholes to support deer and other animals. Todd explains putting in wildlife scrapes and a planting strategy that will be highly attractive to deer.

Show Transcript