Finding Early Season Rubs WILL Increase Buck Encounters

Show Notes

This week on the Southern Ground Hunting podcast we're talking about how to increase your chances for having early season buck encounters. We've heard plenty of guests, like Warren Womack, talk about finding hot feed trees. While that's still important for finding deer in general, it doesn't always result in finding bucks. What we've found is the hot feed tree that is secluded in a thick area can often be the first available food source inside a buck's core area. How do you know if it is? RUBS, that's how. 

In this episode, Parker is sharing an encounter with a buck in Tennessee from this week. How he found the spot and what the buck ended up doing is a scenario that we've seen play out time and time again during early season. Even going so far as to say that statistically in this scenario, having an encounter with the buck laying down the sign might be as high as 50-60%. 

Show Transcript