Gone To The Dogs, To The Tree That Is – Part 2

Show Notes

In this, the second episode about tree dogs, the boys are dealing with problems that occur at the tree.  Everything from tree jacking to chewing to guarding the tree are discussed in detail.

In their years of experience with tree dogs of all types, the pair has experienced and have attempted to correct all manner of issues that make what should be the sublime experience of walking up and seeing game in the tree at the end of the trail, a stressful and often worrisome experience for the hunter.

The episode is ripe with common sense approaches to dealing with tree problems and is a program most any tree dog enthusiast will appreciate even if they don’t recall as personal experiences.  Admittedly, there may be more problems identified than resolved in this issue with a promise of more solutions to come.   Tree problems are complex and the hosts don’t take them lightly, being careful to present only useful, commonsense remedies.

Prepare to hear discussions on milling at the tree, dogs that become jealous at the tree and dogs that become hunt sour after entering too many competitions.   There’s a lot of information packed in this issue and it’s all intended to make the experience of hunting game with tree dogs more enjoyable.   There is also an admonishment that if the listener is afraid to correct problems at the tree, he or she may well need to find another dog or at the extreme, another sport.  

Show Transcript