How to Build Hunting Access on Your Property

Show Notes

In this podcast Todd Shippee from Empire Land Management and Jon Teater from Whitetail Landscapes explore some of the best hunting access techniques for land managers. Todd discusses what he has been working on at his client’s properties. Todd dives into some provisional strategies for hunting access. Sometimes the best hunting hack can be a temporary consideration of planting various plants to see how deer react before going full bore into implementation. Jon suggests thinking about these decisions over time and thoroughly evaluating your options.

The contributor’s breakdown flat, hilly and mountainous terrain differences as it relates to access. Jon breaks down how he uses saddles for hunting access and key techniques to eliminate deer interest in certain terrain settings. Todd discusses how deer may feel too confined when we develop trails, and this can put deer off from traveling down locations we prefer. Both discuss how some techniques can create more predator opportunities. Todd explains some very simple and effective tips to get in and out of the treestands that allow for more hunting success.

Both contributors’ breakdown key plants that support hunting access, and how to create layering across the property. Todd and Jon talk about how to get deer closer to their treestands while considering access. Jon explains buffering zones and how certain plants allow him to create effective access. Todd and Jon provide more permanent established practices (i.e. berms, ditches) to help support hunting access. A new concept like introducing berms or other features may create more usable, huntable space across the landscape. Todd ends with some very key access tips, and both contributors explain a hunting hack that you can use on your property and at remote hunting camps in the big woods

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