How to Target Mature Bucks on Public Lands w/ Michael Perry

Show Notes

Over the last couple of years, hunting public land whitetails has become cool again. Thanks to the success of many YouTubers, hunters are taking to public land in huge numbers. While more hunters enjoying our public lands is a good thing, the increased pressure can make hunting public land a challenge. Despite the increase of pressure, however, lots of folks are still finding consistent success. What's their secret?

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer Podcast, Josh talks with Michael Perry about his tactics for taking big bucks on public land. It took a while for Michael to find success on above average bucks on public land, but over the last several years he's been one of the most consistent public land hunters out there. Just last year, he shot what is now the Alabama state record muzzleloader buck, scoring nearly 196"! During the offseason, Michael wrote a book entitled, Deer Hunting Secrets to Taking Mature Bucks on Public Lands, which is full of deer hunting stories and many of Michael's hunting tactics. Tune in to hear about Michael's hunting strategy and some of the details about the book.

Show Transcript