Hunting Tactics and Advanced Strategies Part 4

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes), Steve Sherk (Sherk’s Guide Service) discusses hunting tactics and advanced strategies. Steve discusses his tactics leading into the rut and how to handle the October lull. Steve and Jon discuss trends this October and key movement days noted throughout the month so far.

Steve and Jon explain the factors they weigh when deciding to hunt a deer and what is the most considered factor as they approach October through November. Jon explains his opinion on the moon and its impact on deer movement. Steve breaks down his hunts and how he is tracking a few deer he is going after. Jon and Steve discuss calling in deer during the early rut phase and how blind calling may be one of the better options for hunters. Jon explains how to get more bucks on your property and what you can do to design around big bucks.

Steve and Jon discuss rut strategies and when they start to focus on scrapes during this period. Steve explains the trends of communication in areas and when scrapes will be the hottest during that initial breeding period. Steve explains the latter half of the breeding and the key methods to finding mature deer. Jon discusses late season hunting and what trends he sees based on gun season periods where he hunts.  

Jon and Steve explain why they both hunt and what they have enjoyed over the years and how they would suggest the listeners think through this hunting season.

Show Transcript