Kentucky Public Land Cell Camera Ban

Show Notes

Today’s show opens up with Brad telling us about his recent hunts out at his suburban hunting spot. He went out in some real rough weather with a tornado watch incoming hoping the deer would be moving beforehand. He got into the stand and then unfortunately the lighting started raining down and headed in his direction quickly! A small window opened up so he went back out and proceeded to be down poured on by the rain. He sat through it hoping a deer would show up soon with rain constantly dropping on top of him. Make sure to listen to this episode Sponsored by to see how his hunt in the rain panned out.

Up next Brayden dives into his recent quota hunt duck hunting! They headed out for the morning and drew for their spot to hunt. The first day they ended up with their number one spot that they wanted, but unfortunately the spot didn’t reflect what the map showed due to the fields not being flooded early enough! Loaded with new ammo and good spots they spent two days chasing waterfowl, how do you guys think they fared early season in western Kentucky chasing waterfowl?

Closing out we talk about nuisance animals like hogs. We dive into why Kentucky wildlife for a while didn’t want hogs shot at as a way to keep them from being educated by hunters. It’s a gray area in Kentucky on whether or not you’re allowed to kill a hog or not that definitely needs some clarification. We also talk about other invasive species such as lizards and snakes and how bounties have made some people actually breed the animals to collect the bounties. We also talk about how Kentucky Fish & Wildlife is bouncing around the idea to potentially ban cellular trail cameras. It seems the ban would only affect cellular cameras and not normal SD cameras for now but we all know that's a slippery slope once started. How do you guys feel about Kentucky banning cell cameras on public land?

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