Kris Chain, Season Report

Show Notes

On this Episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined by Kris Chain. A Hunter, Gardener, and Educator from Virginia. Kris took it upon himself to create a personalized digital almanac that sorts info and links for game species, growing seasons, foraging dates all at your fingertips. Kris lays out how this tool can save you loads of time preparing your hunts or gardens. We also get into some bear meat talk, as Nick has yet to get his hands on some. The guys finish up with street tacos and what would Kris’ final meal request be. All this and more on the next episode of Huntavore.

Nick digitally sits down with Kris Chain, creator of Season Report. A personalized digital almanac that brings your desired hunting, gardening, fishing, and foraging information to a one stop platform. Want to add an out of state hunt, for a different species? Simply add the state and game animal and you get the sorted information you need, to take to the field.

Kris Chain also offers Season Report for $15 annually, and you can give it a try for free for 2 weeks

Kris was able to harvest a bear last year, so Nick takes the opportunity to dive a bit deeper on bear meat. Its richness and moist texture makes bear meat a true eating experience. Kris describes the closest equivalent as a pork like texture, yet fully wild and it's own. Nick got very intrigued as if the bear boudin sausage could be a thing, Kris seemed very excited about the idea. Summer time also seems to be a great time to make a mess of tacos. Kris unpacks his venison or wild boar tacos. His go to is ground meat over shredded. Kris kept it straight forward by seasoning, and browning the meat, but finishes off by adding a ladle of stock to keep the meat moist and add a slight sausiness to the taco meat.

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