Mahting Putelis with Hunt to Eat

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On this episode of the Huntavore, Mahting Putelis, CEO of Hunt to Eat joins Nick for a chat about a wild foodie’s favorite fashion wear. Hunt to Eat started as just a t-shirt company that has blossomed into an organization whose mission encompasses community, real food, and conservation. Mahting opens up about his start in the outdoors as a kid, how the phrase “food for fuel” relates to his upbringing, a love for photography lead to getting behind a rifle, and reveals some incredible new content coming from Hunt to Eat. Mahting Putelis comes from humble beginnings. Living within their means and having a perspective of “food is fuel”, Mahting and his siblings had a unique upbringing with food. Which makes hunting for sustenance a reality. Only fitting that Mahting and his brother started the company Hunt to Eat. First just a t-shirt company that created tasteful wears for hunters and anglers, expands to an organization that brought together a community of folks who showed what they can do with their harvest, introducing new people to our passion of acquiring real food, and teaching others the importance of conservation. Mahting does admit that he may not find his home in the kitchen, but he does take his place as the grill master. Mahting likes to keep things simple which given his choice of wild protein will ultimately end up delicious. A marinated turkey breast grilled up nicely into carnitas is a goto from Mahting. Or a beautiful elk burger with straight ground. Letting the game take the driver seat in the dish. Hunt to Eat also is announcing that they are growing from just a website and clothing, but breaking into the media realm. With a few of their own podcasts, a show, and a magazine launching soon. I myself, am excited to soak up the content from folks who hunt to eat. Tappecue Meat Probes Instagram: @tappecue Website: Coupon Code 10% off: HUNT10 Huntavore is Powered by Simplecast

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