Nine Fingers Unfiltered - You Should Be Scouting Right Now

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan goes on a rant about hunting becoming a rich mans sport and his thoughts on post season scouting. "One this I have noticed in my area of the state is that as land owners get older and eventually pass away their children decide to sell the property, especially if it is a property with any agriculture on it and the family who it was passed down to have decided to not follow in the family footsteps. This opens the door up for someone who is not "local" to come in and purchase the land, then cash rent the farming, and either lease up the hunting rights or they themself hunt, and leads to displacement of local hunters, thus leading to less hunters. Just thinking outloud."

Then Dan breaks down what is is looking for when he heads out to the woods for his post season scouting sessions. Stem count on vegetation, floating trails, looking for old sign and if it is important, along with several other observations that play a huge role when scouting.

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