Overcoming Obstacles and Embarking on a New Whitetail Journey

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman we chat with Dustin Adam.  Dustin has had a roller coaster journey the past few seasons chasing some big deer as well as making some big changes in his life.  Over the last few years, Dustin has been connecting on above average bucks on a consistent basis. While there are some key components to his success, the thing that stands out most is his hard work ethic.  Dustin shares his success stories from the previous two bucks he harvested along with a number of other takeaways.Dustin is not alone in his hunting pursuits; beside him hunting every bit as hard is his wife Brandy and stepson Waylon.  Together, they have begun a journey managing a newly purchased farm for better hunting and wildlife.  Dustin shares the first buck harvest on this property with Waylon as well as the hurdles he experienced throughout the transition of the ground becoming his own.  These hunting stories have tid bits of tips and advice to pull from and use in the field.  One common theme to the Adam family success is capitalizing in early season.  However, you will find everyone in the family hunting right up until the end whenever needed!

Show Transcript