Reflection and Resilience w/ Chris Hamm

Show Notes

In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Chris Hamm, Co-Owner of HHA Sports. Chris takes us on a journey through his recent hunting season, sharing valuable lessons learned and experiences in the great outdoors.

We kick things off by delving into the importance of seizing opportunities and taking decisive action. Chris emphasizes that in the realm of hunting and life, there's no room for neutral action. Reflecting on these experiences, he highlights the significance of reflection as a tool for personal growth and moving forward.

Our conversation shifts to the meaningful initiatives by HHA USA, providing a safe haven for veterans and first responders to connect and find support. Chris passionately discusses how archery has the transformative power to change lives and unite communities. He paints a promising picture of the future of archery, citing innovative projects and a growing interest in the sport.

We take a moment to savor the flavors of the outdoors as Chris shares a mouth-watering recipe for carne asada venison tacos, made from backstraps. From culinary delights, we transition to the technological advancements in archery, with Chris praising the game-changing HHA RYZ sight. This piece of equipment instills confidence and accuracy in various shooting scenarios.

Missed shots are reframed as valuable learning experiences and opportunities for growth in our conversation. Chris encourages archers to practice all different shot situations to foster familiarity with equipment and honing shooting skills. 

Wrapping up, Chris concludes with a call to stay safe, embrace the joys of the outdoors, and anticipate exciting developments in the world of archery. I greatly appreciate your support and listening to this podcast.  If you would like to watch this episode just head over to the Antler Up Outdoors YouTube page and watch now!

 Stay tuned, stay safe, and Antler Up!

Show Transcript