Sharing the Harvest during the Holidays

Show Notes

In this episode of Huntavore, the holidays are fast approaching.  Thanksgiving is here at the end of the week, and that ushers in the arrival of gatherings, parties, and opportunities to share our hard earned harvest.  Chef Rob Chiappone joins us again to talk tips and tricks to making food during these festivals.  We talk turkey for thanksgiving, roasting whole, and also breaking the bird down and treating specific cuts separately.  We jump into Christmas and talk big bold presentations of a whole leg roast and wellington, and finish up with Hors D'oeuvre for New Years.  Let this chat get the season started, and meal prep wheels turning on this episode of Huntavore.

Nick is joined by friend and returning guest Rob Chiappone, a private chef and fan of the wild harvest.  The two together talk about the upcoming holiday season, kicking off with Nick’s favorite, Thanksgiving.  This is the time where using your wild turkey would be an amazing opportunity. Nick suggests, with the differences in how dark meat and white meat should be treated, a turkey could be broken down.  Taking off the breast as a whole breast, and roasting.  The leg and thighs could be slow cooked for longer then.  Sous vide would be a great way to do that.  Nick had good results with 155* for 36 hours.  Yes, that's a long time, but the machine is doing the cooking, not you.  We get into Wellington construction and making hollandaise sauce and finish up with some appetizer ideas.  Rob and Nick also touch on the backstrap, a step into Huntavore’s head to Hoof, where we lay out its location, its structure, and characteristics that help in being able to cook it.  

Show Transcript