Stews, Stock, and Squirrels with Jonah Curtis

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On this Episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined by homesteading guru, Jonah Curtis. The two chat about the close of whitetail season here in Michigan and how Jonah is in mid season form when it comes to chasing small game. They play good, better, best when it comes to making a stew, and what goes into a quality wildgame stock. All this coming up on the next episode of Huntavore. Back again on the show is Jonah Curtis; homesteader in Southern Michigan, radical small game nut, and writer for Hunt to Eat magazine. Jonah has an extensive garden that produces a bounty that he and family are able to enjoy all year long. He talents not only go from being able to raise a few plants and keep a few animals around, but it's a constant chore list that goes from planting a mistaken double order of garlic in October, predator and pest control in his sheds and hen house, to taking his young son along with him on the daily happenings around the property. Something Nick admires about Jonah is using his harvest to the fullest. “Waste not want to” has been a phrase Nick has grown up with and has tried to apply that to his wildgame. Jonah displays that through his use of making stock. Stock is a beautiful way to use discarded meat/bones/animal parts and veg scraps into a wonderful base for soup, stews, sauces. Homemade is WAY better than anything store bought. Dog people , pro tip! If you plan on giving stock to your dogs, don’t add onions. In our game, good better best, Nick and Jonah breaks down a stew. Good, toss it all in a crock pot, give it a couple hours. Better, full sear of the meat, brown the veg, if the ingredients are homegrown even better. Best, hard working, collagen filled meat, browned. Browned veggies, added last hour of cook. Nick likes Parsnips added last 20 minutes. MEAT! Instagram: @madewithmeat Website: Coupon Code: huntavore10 Huntavore is Powered by Simplecast

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