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On this episode of the Hunting Gear Deals Series on The Hunting Gear Podcast, Camron talks with Weston Shrank from Trophyline to discuss their newly released Hyperlite climbing sticks and saddle platform.  This 6.5-pound mobile hunting system is built from Magnite, a new material for the mobile hunting industry that is 33% lighter, 110% harder, and 22% stronger than high-grade aluminum used in most saddle platforms.  

Weston and Camron dive deep into the newly released Hyperlite series and you'll pick up a few saddle-hunting tips and techniques along the way.  Be sure to stick around to the end because Trophline has offered listeners of the podcast a chance to win their Covert Lite 2.0 Saddle Kit.  For more information on how to get entered, head over to to learn more.

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