Turkey Hunter Turned Deer Slayer: The Real Life Story of Paul Campbell

Show Notes

This week the guys sit down to talk about the real life wild west show that Paul and Andrew participated in the past weekend.  As you all know, Paul loves the birds.  Turkey, waterfowl, doves, you name it, he loves hunting them.  Paul’s self admitted lack of white tail deer interest is alarming to Andrew, but comes with a few years of drought.  Well folks, that drought is over.  And when it rains, it pours.

Paul gives a play by play of what turned out to be a very productive morning at Killbuck Marsh on a controlled hunt.  Paul’s morning turned more into target practice than hunting, but the freezer has been filled!  The morning started with some frustrations, but as soon as the sun was up, those frustrations faded away, and quickly. 

ODNR wildlife officer applications are due December 20!  Visit ohiodnr.gov to find out more information. 

Show Transcript